The honeymoon’s over for legalized marijuana.

That doesn’t mean things have turned sour. Quite the contrary.

Even in the best marriages, honeymoon euphoria is short-lived. Then comes the day-to-day reality of making it work for the long term. That’s where Colorado’s cannabis industry is.

Business is good. The industry is growing. It’s a great time to be in the cannabis business.

But challenges also lie ahead.

Edibles will be up for debate in the Colorado Legislature. It promises to be a free-for-all.

That means the issue will be in the headlines. A lot. And opponents will be waiting to pounce on any edibles-related incidents they can use as ammunition in the media to discredit cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

It’s an important fight. Companies that make or sell edibles have a lot at stake. So does everyone else in the cannabis industry.

Banking also promises to be in the news. Will Fourth Corner succeed in getting its credit union up and running, offering checking and credit card services to cannabis growers and sellers? Are reports of federal banking regulators becoming more open to banking for cannabis companies true – or just wishful thinking?

Will 2015 be the year when consolidation begins happening within the industry? The year when some dispensaries thrive while others fall by the wayside?

We’ll find out together.

But one thing’s already clear. The need for effective communication will be more important than ever. For companies wanting to set themselves apart from the competition. For the industry to continue winning the hearts and minds of more and more Coloradans. To fend off opponents who don’t like the fact that cannabis is legal and becoming more popular.

And telling your story once isn’t enough. Until you’ve repeated your story so many times it makes you sick to hear the words coming out of your mouth another time, most of us haven’t heard what you have to say. So, tell your story. Then tell it again. And again. And . . .

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Jerry Brown and Peter Kowalchuk are veteran communications professionals offering their services to companies in the cannabis industry.