Take a look at all that gray hair in our photos and we think there can only be one word that comes to mind . . . experience. We have decades of experience telling our own stories and helping other people tell theirs. But we’re newbies when it comes to working with the cannabis industry. So, we thought we should introduce ourselves.

Who we are

Jerry committed journalism for 20 years. He’s been practicing public relations even longer than that. As a journalist, he was assignment editor for AP’s Washington bureau during Watergate and a reporter for daily newspapers in Little Rock, Fort Worth and Denver (the Rocky Mountain News). He spent 17 years on the corporate PR staff of U S WEST (now CenturyLink) where he was chief speechwriter for two company presidents, ran a 14-state news desk that increased media coverage of the company’s products and services by several orders of magnitude and provided PR support for the company’s investor relations efforts. He’s been an independent PR consultant for more than 10 years, working with both large and small clients. He’s also author of several blogs.

Peter is a 30-plus year PR and communication veteran who has worked with small start-ups and large global corporations – low-tech, hi-tech and everything in between. He’s managed marketing and branding programs in many different industries and received the coveted Diamond Echo Award from the Direct Marketing Association for the best direct marketing campaign of the year, selected from more than 13,000 entries worldwide. He is a subject matter expert in internal/employee and executive communication, crisis communication, community relations and corporate event planning. He is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the International Association of Business Communications.

What we do

Most of what we do falls into three categories:

  • Advisors and consultants. We can help you identify your message and develop a strategy for delivering it effectively to the audiences important to you. And we can help you understand when to speak out — or remain silent.
  • Creative services. We do a lot of writing: News releases, articles, blog posts, white papers, annual reports, speeches, PowerPoint presentations and more. We also do videos and still photography.
  • Spokesperson and presentation coaching. If your job puts you in front of the media, you need spokesperson training. And if telling your story in front an audience is something you struggle with, we can help with that as well.

We all have stories to tell. Do you need help telling yours? If so, give us a call at 303-594-8016. Or you can reach us at info@SativaComm.com. ————- Jerry Brown and Peter Kowalchuk are veteran communications professionals offering their services to companies in the cannabis industry.