Donna Shiles Video ThumbnailAs a registered dietician and nutritionist, Donna Shields, MS, RDN, isn’t a fan of all the sugar-laden cannabis edibles on the market.

So, she’s developing her own line of edibles that have no refined sugar and are built around healthy, nutritious food.

“We’re basically using whole foods, all plant based, and really relying on spices and herbs as well to bring some functional, nutritional benefit,” Shields said following a recent presentation before the Boulder Cannabis Industry Meetup. Her edibles use organic ingredients and are non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free and “perfect for a vegan diet,” she added.

“Cannabis is an incredibly powerful therapeutic tool,” Shields said. “When you combine that with the power of food as medicine you really have something terrific.”

“There’s really very little in the marketplace that exists to serve the needs of not only the medical cannabis consumer but also those in the recreational end of the business who are looking for a healthier alternative,” she said.

“We’re delivering on two fronts,” Shields added. “Pulling out the refined sugar and adding in some nutritional efficacy.”

“For people who are wanting to use cannabis for a therapeutic purpose,” she asked, “why not use an edible that also delivers some nutritional benefits?”

Shields also plans to launch an online culinary and nutritional education portal to provide “credible information” related to nutrition and wellness.

Shields has spent her entire career working for companies in the food and beverage industries. She’s a former faculty member at the Culinary Institute of America and has worked for Kraft Food, Campbell Soup, Barilla, Coca-Cola, the Florida Department of Citrus and others.

She plans to introduce her line of edibles and the online education portal later this year. You can reach her at Her Twitter handle is @CannabisRDN.


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