Michelle Wright-Video ThumbnailLooking for a way to learn about Colorado’s emerging cannabis industry? And get known by people in the industry?

One way to do that is to attend the growing number of cannabis-related Meetup groups in the Denver metro area.

Another resource is the Cannabis Leadership Network (www.cannabisleadership.com), created by Michelle Wright and Sarah Koons. They describe it as “the (cannabis) educational resource for Colorado.”

“If you’re coming in as a serious entrepreneur, you need to be networking with other serious entrepreneurs to make sure that you’re not only marketing for yourself but you’re making the business connections that are really vital to your own business,” said Wright, who started the Boulder Cannabis Industry Group in addition to co-founding the Cannabis Leadership Network.

“Networking is absolutely necessary in this industry,” she added. “While it’s not everybody’s favorite thing to do, while everybody may not be super extroverted and ready to go to these Meetups and things like that, they are actually very necessary. They do help a whole lot, even if it’s just one of those things where you don’t make any business connections. At least you’re getting out there. People are recognizing you. People are understanding that you are part of the industry.”

Here are links to four of cannabis-related Meetup groups plus a link to the website of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association, which sponsors monthly networking events:

Boulder Cannabis Industry Group:

Denver Area Cannabis Business Networking:

Marijuana Business Association (MJBA)-Denver:

The Greenhouse Cannabis Industry Meetup:

Rocky Mountain Hemp Association:

Why so many cannabis-related networking groups? Because the organizers want to meet and network with the people who show up to network at their events.


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