Trend Woloveck Video ThumbnailYou’ve grown marijuana in your basement or somewhere else for years. You’re an expert. So, starting your own commercial grow facility will be a walk in the park. You already know how.

Not so fast, warns Trent Woloveck, chief operating officer of American Cannabis Company (ACC). Simply scaling up what you’ve been doing on your own to commercial scale can be a formula for “losing your crops very quickly. When you’re running 30 to a thousand lights in a facility, you have a lot more pitfalls.”

“When you’re managing those larger facilities, it truly is managing,” Woloveck said. “Understanding how to efficiently and effectively manage that space is a huge pitfall we see a lot of people run into. They’re great plant people. But when you shift into commercial operations, it’s more about managing people than the actual plants.”

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” Woloveck added during a recent interview with SativaCOMM. “It’s important to understand what it takes to get into this business. And the bar is really being raised.”

ACC provides what it calls “seed-to-bank” support for cannabis startups. “We help individual entrepreneurs or businesses looking to break into the cannabis space from both a products and a services perspective,” Woloveck said.

“When cultivating, I think you’ll see there’s a lot of differentiating between methodologies,” he said. “What we’ve been able to do at ACC is refine those into what I call a McDonalized solution. So, you’re not having to mix three- or 16-part nutrient systems to cultivate your plant. We’ve been able to refine that process and come up with a solution by just adding water to the plant throughout its life cycle by using a pre-amended living soil.”

ACC also sells full-service “plug-and-play” cultivation cubes for licensed growers and 100 percent organic, fully amended growing soil.

“Whether it’s cultivation, refining or dispensing, we’re there to support you,” Woloveck said.

In fact, ACC’s help begins even before that. They help their clients navigate the tricky steps of developing a business plan, preparing a financial pro forma, applying for a license and designing and building their facilities.

Once the business is up and running, ACC works with clients for 18 to 24 months or longer to make sure the new business is running smoothly.

Woloveck urged anyone who wants to grow or dispense cannabis on a commercial scale to do their homework and do things right.

“We’re under a lot of scrutiny,” he noted. “The public eye is on the industry. So being that responsible vendor and doing it the right way is the most important thing.”

Started in 2013, ACC serves clients in 10 states and Canada. You can reach them at or 303-974-4770.


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