The Greenhouse Video LinkFor now, The Greenhouse is a nondescript former bank building near Evans and Monaco in southeast Denver that serves as headquarters for Advanced Cannabis Solutions (ACS), which provides financial services and leases commercial real estate space to growers and others in the cannabis industry.

But ACS plans to turn the building into “the largest and most effective cannabis community to date” in Denver.

The transformation of The Greenhouse into a hub for Denver’s cannabis industry will include a major remodeling project and creation of a shared workspace area housing 70 to 75 cannabis and cannabis-related companies.

“It’s going to create a very dynamic referral environment and mentoring situation,” Christopher Taylor, ACS vice president of business development, said in a recent interview with SativaCOMM. “Our dream here is to create a cannabis community where anybody in the industry who has a need for services, advice or to market to other companies can come here and have their needs met.”

Even before the remodeling is done, ACS plans to host monthly Meetup gatherings at The Greenhouse and is inviting others to hold their cannabis-related events there as well. They can accommodate up to 200 people for events.

The building still has a vault, teller windows, safe deposit boxes and a bank-sized lobby left over from its days as a Bank of the West branch office. ACS hopes the building will house a bank again someday to serve companies in the cannabis industry.

And ACS plans to serve as a wholesale supplier of cannabis-related items. It already offers pots, plant nutrients and dispensary-exit bags on its website (

The Greenhouse is at 6565 East Evans Avenue in Denver. You can reach Taylor at 719-332-4176 or


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