ebbu. It’s distilled from marijuana. But it isn’t marijuana, says ebbu co-founder Dooma Wendschuh.

ebbu video thumbnail“You’d no more consider one of our products to be marijuana than you’d consider a bottle of vodka to be potato juice,” he said during a recent interview with SativaCOMM.

“Marijuana is inherently unpredictable,” he added. “The plant is so photoreactive that you can take a sample of a bud from the top of the plant and a sample from the bottom of the same exact plant and have a completely different sensation. That’s unpredictability at its core.”

ebbu ends the unpredictability, he said, by being totally reliable and predictable in terms of the sensations users can expect when they consume it.

So reliable and predictable, in fact, that ebbu plans to label its products based on one of five “feelings” you can expect when using them — chill, bliss, energy, giggle and create.

ebbu insideIt’s also a simple product. “You don’t have to do a lot of homework,” Wendschuh said. “You don’t have to study. You don’t have to become an expert in anything. You walk into the bar and you order a beer. You walk into the dispensary and you order an ebbu. You don’t need a Ph.D. in weedology to understand how the product’s going to make you feel and what the health benefits and impacts might be for you.”

The reason for this predictability is ebbu’s high-tech distilling process which allows it to control exactly what goes into its products. And what doesn’t go into them. Chemical and pesticide residues, for example. “From a consumer’s perspective ebbu is a safer and healthier alternative to cannabis,” Wendschuh said. “In fact, it’s a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol.”

ebbu grew out of Wendschuh’s unsuccessful effort two years ago to find a cannabis company to invest in. Because of the inherent unpredictability of cannabis products, he felt none of the companies or their products could be branded the way he wants to brand ebbu.

“We’re dedicated to building a global brand,” he said, “a brand that will be recognized around the world. When I think about branding, the first thing that comes to mind is that you never want to be top of mind as a brand because that’s not good enough. What you want to be is a synonym for the brand category.

“Nobody blows their nose with a facial tissue. And nobody cleans their ears with a cotton swab. Those specific bands have become synonyms for the category. We would like people in the future, when they want a distilled cannabis product, when they want something that’s predicable and reliable and different from marijuana and different from alcohol, we want them to walk into the store and say ‘I’d like an ebbu.'”

ebbu plans to introduce products with the five promised “feelings” later this year or in 2016.

For now, it sells ebbu-branded soft gels, sublingual sprays, vapor pen refills and Listerine-style dissolvable strips.

It also sells cannabis oils to vapor pen companies so they can offer predictable, reliable refills that provide the same sensation every time. “All we ask in return,” he said, “is that they put a sticker on the box that says ‘ebbu inside.’ Kind of like when you buy a laptop and it says ‘Intel inside.'”

Because of its unpredictability, “marijuana it not ready for prime time,” Wendschuh said. He wants the ebbu brand to “become the juice that powers the emerging cannabis industry.”


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