How to clean your gongLegalization has brought a lot of new users into the world of cannabis, for both medical and general adult use.

And with all the options available — different strains, different ways to consume (smoking, vaping, and edibles just to name a few) —  walking into a dispensary or head shop can be pretty intimidating.

So, this is the first in what I hope will be an occasional series designed to help new users and others learn things they want to know about cannabis but are afraid to ask.

I could have started a lot of different places. But I decided to devote this first segment to cleaning bongs because of personal curiosity, because several friends have  asked me questions about cleaning I couldn’t answer and because I happened to cross paths with Jim Berry, inventor of a cleaning product he calls WeedWipes.

Jim offers a great demonstration of how to clean a bong in the video accompanying this article. And, while it turned into something of an infomercial for his product, he also performed what I found to be an interesting comparison showing how WeedWipes and isopropyl alcohol stack up against one another when it comes to cleaning cannabis paraphernalia.